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Jeannette Bolck, Psychologist NIP/Coach

My name is Jeannette Bolck, I am a certified psychologist NIP and I have a private practice since 2003 (Therapists Arts & Bolck / Counseling Amsterdam).

As a new student Psychology I was, just like many fellow students, interested in people and the why and how of their behaviour and emotions. In 1994 I started studying Clinical Psychology at the Free University (VU, Amsterdam), to understand people and then, with my knowledge, really help with their problems and struggles. By understanding better how ‘the human being’ is put together, it will become easier to give real professional support. In addition, I put ‘human being’ in quotes to emphasize that every individual is different, and therefore deserves to be supported in a personal unique way. This goes, of course, as well for each couple, for each family, and for all groups.

After gaining various experiences in the field of psychological research and practice, and to have lived in Australia, I started Therapists Arts & Bolck with old study mate Sabijn Arts. Here I can give every client their own personalized therapy. As a therapist I have therefore my own customized way of working, which is comfortable for both me and my clients. I think it is important to be flexible and to work together with my clients to seek what is useful, what is practical, and what fits that unique client, couple family or group: Tailored therapy.

More about my method
This works best when you are open and honest with each other, so also to me as a therapist. This is the only way I can really help you. Eventually I understand people best when their irritations and emotions (anger, happiness, sadness) are discussed and shown – even when I, the therapist, is the trigger! As a person, I can simply trigger anything in another person, so also with you as a client.

Additionally, you might like to know that I value the whole human being, so the Body and Mind together. A healthy life is important, and that means not only a clear and happy head but also a healthy body. So I try to always start at the base, with tools to make you feel better. I would therefore offer practical tips and work regularly with colleagues (the Friends on this site) that specialize in providing assistance for physical health. So we help our clients, with each other, by doing what we are specialized in. Finally, I find it important to create a solid and honest working relationship with the people I see, and approach them as equal partners to talk with. By using my experience and knowledge I can then, on a non-detached way, put in the added value to the conversation. By this approachable low key atmosphere of the therapy I try to create a feeling of ‘coming home’. You do not always need to have a ‘big’ problem to talk to someone about it…

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