Louis Wijdenbosch

Owner and developer of BrainBody Training (BBT)

BrainBody Training, a specific way of applying the (mental) training and result driven performance typically used in Topsport, is developed by Louis Wijdenbosch. BBT is a training concept that could be used as a part of psychotherapeutic treatment.

Center focus during Brain Body Training are feeling, acting and thinking and the integration of these in relation to the problem. Brain Body Training uses movement and the body: the acting and feeling. Motoric and physical oriented exercises, from meditation, running to martial arts, are used to support physical and spiritual awareness. Through these we learn to control and change the thoughts of the mind, and increase Resilience. After all, the mind decides the behavior and this in turn shapes the mind. The exercises have their roots in martial arts, in which the principle of ‘body and mind’ are center focus.

The collaboration with psychologists practice Counseling Amsterdam is based on the shared vision of the necessity of resilience in daily life. In this partnership parties strengthen each other in the area of ‘body and mind’.

Our daily life asks for the same kind of Resilience that’s found within Topsport. No matter what happens, the way we navigate through life is determined by this Resilience.

Background Louis Wijdenbosch BIG registered Physiotherapist, psycho-motorisch trainer, ex-top judoka, high performance (sport) consultant and Olympic Coach

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