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LifeLong specializes in sustainable health management. Our approach is both professional and informal and we consistently customize our services to best suit our clients’ needs.

LifeLong & Bolck

The training programmes we host in collaboration with psychologist Jeannette Bolck are specifically designed to teach participants how to autonomously improve their physical and mental health.

Depending on the nationality of the participants, our training programmes are hosted in either Dutch or English.


Benefits of participation in our training programmes include:

  • An enhanced feeling of physical fitness and well-being through increased muscle strength and improved stamina.
  • Increased professional productivity through improved concentration and heightened awareness of breathing and posture.
  • Greater control over physical and mental relaxation through an increased understanding of the organizing principles underlying the human body and mind.
  • An improved ability to manage professional and personal adversity through increased insight into self and others.


LifeLong Trainers

Founded by Lee Mason en Floris Barthélemy, LifeLong aims to encourage people to increase the degree of satisfaction and purpose they experience in their lives through the cultivation of sustainable healthy behaviour.Jeannette-Website-2-767x1024

About Lee Mason


My primary professional goal is to teach people how to effectively improve their physical and mental health. Since having graduated as a physiotherapist in 1998, I have attended a variety of courses to increase my understanding of the relationship between body and mind, personality theory and the organizing principles underlying living systems.

About Floris Barthélemy


As an exercise therapist and personal trainer, I am committed to teaching people how to sustainably improve their physical health and well-being. Essential to my approach are autonomy, efficiency and the relationship between behaviour and health.


For further information regarding our training programs, or to schedule an exploratory appointment:

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