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LIS/"Have you?" Two Minute Therapy

Have you even ..?

You sit with a sensitive issue, but you have no time to extensive expert advice? Not to worry, psychologist and coach Jeanette Bolck coined the Two Minute Therapy. After an intake speaking customers when they're stuck walking her voice mail in the same way, after which Jeanette gives advice. This time to Marjan (34), that passion and really contact missing in her relationship.

Thursday 18:00.
Marjan speaks in at coach Jeannette:

"Hi, with Marjan. Yesterday my boyfriend and I have been out to dinner together once again. Our monthly outing, which I told you. It was pretty cozy, but nevertheless, I think then soon: If we will soon be coming home, I have to bring … I was there doing even while eating and felt cantankerous. I had this dinner party organized, the nanny again settled, attracted something cool, I well also still bring? I think it may be him. Once home, the weather as so often: I was tired and he fell asleep snoring. Again no step forward. What should I well? So it is still no more what? Greetings! "

Thursday 7 pm.
Coach Jeannette responds to the voice mail of Marjan:

"With Jeannette, I heard your message. Well anyway, that you're been out together again? I understand that it's a bit fraught is by the situation. Now all of a sudden it cosy. But try to think of where we talked about earlier: you make yourself responsible for everything and then you become at the same time, cantankerous as he shows no initiative. There is so much pressure on the evening that you forget to enjoy being together. Maybe you can break the ice by just saying that you're a little uncomfortable? That bridges the distance between you. And also try to tell honestly what you think, because openness is need for intimacy. And a lot more pleasant than irritated and you worry about what he expected of you. If necessary, make a joke about. I hope you can discuss with him if he will come home. Day! "

Text: Lisette Weavers

Image: Tom van de Leij

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