If this is love, why do I feel so insecure?

Why Passion turns to pain?

Author: Carl G Hindy, J. Conrad Schwarz

In my practice i see many broken hearted people. All struggling with questions like: “where did i go wrong? ..Why doesn’t he/she love me?..Is it my fault?…do I have to work harder…?..If only i..?”

This book can be a great support in finding out what is good for you and how you can get that what makes you happy!

Summary from Amazon:

It doesn’t have to hurt to be in love, yet for many otherwise accomplished and confident people, romantic involvement means anxiety, insecurity, and pain. This provocative and authoritative sourcebook, filled with true-life stories and dramatic case histories, will set every reader on a path of greater self-understanding — and increase the possibilities of finding an enduring love

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