New Life Portugal

Specialised in treatment of grief, mild depression, burnout and anxiety

New Life Portugal is a Health & Holistic Retreat which means a community based operation, focused on physical and mental care while working in a Holistic way by integrating different therapies. It is also open for people who just want to have a vacation (relaxation i.e Transformational Holiday). One of the unique advantages is to get individual therapy on the spot, when you have a mental need, we have specialists on board who can detect and take care of your problem.

Main diagnostics are: Grief, Mild Depression, Burnout and Anxiety. Our approach consists of energising individual therapy,   focusing on mental care but also on body work, from massage to meditation, from sleeping difficulties to peaceful nights, from food balance to re-energisation.


Started in 2021, New Life Portugal is a unique place where people can embark on a life changing journey, a transformational holiday based upon Mindful living. We are a wellness retreat and mindfulness centre offering a unique combination of meditation, yoga, counselling, life coaching, fitness, and massage, within an exceptional natural environment. Our programs offer a wide range of therapeutic elements, rarely found all in one place with the benefit of a supportive, and mindful community.

With three different programs, our expert counsellors, life coaches and masseuses deliver every day research driven and durable results to our guests within a safe and hospitality focused environment. Your real start of a new life.

We have partnered with Counseling Amsterdam, as we too believe in a holistic approach to treatment, integrating the mind, emotions and the body. Our body holds knowledge and protects us in so many ways, but we have a tendency to focus on our mind. Both New Life and Counseling Amsterdam, practise an integrative approach, where the movement of the body allows for the release of emotions, identifying patterns and the therapeutic process then allows for those to be consciously acknowledged and dealt with.


New Life Portugal is a unique residential retreat, based upon research driven therapies and focusing on life changing durable outcomes, for each guest individually. Just like Counseling Amsterdam, we believe the combination of mental and physical cure leads to more consistent, durable healing and an increase in resilience.


Contact Info
UNESCO’s certified natural park of Serra Da Estrela, Portugal
Caminho das Regadas N°1 6290-081 Folgosinho Gouveia Portugal
tel +351 238 249 925