Relationship Therapy

Communicating with and understanding each other

No relationship exists without communication and really make contact with your partner. Thus communication and connection is the main focus of relationship therapy. What is the other person saying? And – more importantly – what does he or she really mean? A lot of problems in relationships are due to a misinterpretation of signals. To understand these better there is a better chance to really connect again.

We also work on emotion regulation and teach how to calm down after and during a fight. Repair after conflict is of great value and prevents more stress and hurt in the future.

Learn to communicate, interpret and understand verbal and non-verbal signals. With the help of one or two therapists patterns are analyzed and changed or altered where needed.

The aim of this therapy is to gain a fresh and new view of your relationship and to find out where you stand in the present and where you (both as an individual and a couple) want to be in the future. Getting close again without losing ourselves.