Louis Wijdenbosch

Top Olympic Coach and BIG registered physical therapist

Meet Louis Wijdenbosch

Louis Wijdenbosch is a BIG registered physical therapist, former top judoka, sports professor, and Olympic coach.

Did we already mention that he’s the brain behind Brain-Body Training (BBT) brainbodyinstitute and won the Olympisch Coach Award? In short: you are in good hands.

From martial arts, breathwork to meditation, his down-to-earth exercises will bring out your inner strength, in a fun light-hearted way. And you don’t need to be an athlete to do them!

Expect to learn more about yourself: your coping mechanisms, your limits, your capabilities, and find out how strong you truly are. In a nutshell, our combined approach will have a lasting effect and empower you to live your best life. Both physically and mentally.