Personalized Therapy

What works best for you?

We want to make therapy accessible, open and understandable. A practical approach and a positive view is an essential ingredient of successful therapy, coaching and counseling.

Every person is unique.

In every situation and for every person’s needs we look at which approach is best at that moment.

By combining traditional methods with new developments in our society your therapists at Counseling Amsterdam create a trajectory that connects to your specific situation. ‘Personalized therapy’, as we’d like to call it! For this reason we have chosen to use insights and skills from different therapeutic approaches (such as Cognitive Behavioural, coaching, eft, polyvagal theory, breathwork, top sports, mindfulness i.e.) and the use of different possible settings (face to face , in nature, online and whatsapp )

Louis and Jeannette developed  their own special integrated body-mind method they use with most treatments called motophrenic. .A unique method were they take best practices from top sports, Psychomotor Therapy (PMT) and Psychology and combine them into a targeted approach which uses the interaction between body and mind to help clients optimise their wellbeing and solve problems.

We primarily focus on finding possible solutions to deal with  the issue at hand rather than on analyzing the ‘problem’. In a safe environment we’ll work together with you on insight (understanding), regulating emotionally, and help you to find out how to use your own strength.
We will also give you practical tips and techniques to help you on a day to day basis, thus giving you a new approach to and creating new opportunities in your life.

Examples of topics that need a body and mind approach?

Burnout, Fatigue, Anxiety, Trauma, PMDD, Hormonal challenges, relationships, Boundary setting, Highly sensitivity, Highly giftedness, Anger Management i.e..