Women’s Circle Workshop online

Women's Circle Workshop Online

Thursdays 20:00h

Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.

Audre Lorde

Hormonal fluctuations often have a direct repercussion on our emotions and energy levels. Although this cycle-related phenomena is mostly normal and expected, it can still have a considerable impact on a woman’s wellbeing and overall mental health. Stress often gets shoved aside and ends up accumulating during the day (and month!), which can at some point trigger feelings of anger or anxiety, leading to a sense of loss of control, internal meltdown and freeze moments.


Are you trying to run your life as if nothing is going on and simply keeping it to yourself? Sounds familiar?


In these self-reflective sessions we practice regulating the nervous system in various ways, as well as create a safe space to share our personal experiences, strengths, and struggles. Connection is safety! Together we will also meditate, practice breath work and body and brain exercises to calm down the primal (fight/flight) brain. Prepare yourself with a great toolbox for any moment, and feel more equipped and in control of your body and brain.

What to expect from this workshop?

  • Get a deeper understanding of how hormonal fluctuations can affect our stress levels and overall mental health
  • Gain new awareness about the emotions in your cycle
  • Learn to regulate the nervous system, body and brain
  • Practice breath work
  • Meditate
  • Move your body through gentle Bodywork
  • Find connection and support among participants in safe group
  • Try introspective guided journalling practice (bring your own if you like)

Jeannette Bolck is a NIP certified Psychologist with many years of experience in individual, couple and group therapy. Her work is mostly focused on Burnout (prevention and recovery), PMDD and Trauma. She combines the best practices of Psychology with Psychomotor Therapy, Somatic Embodied Therapy, Polyvagal treatment, and breath work, offering clients personalised strategies to live their best lives.

“The women’s group was heartwarming, recognizable, and very relaxing for me! Some loving time for yourself, with low profile breathing and yoga exercises… Jeannette is sweet and professional! Thank you Jeannette!”

“The Women’s Circle sessions with Jeannette really feel like a total reset for me. It’s great to connect to other women and to take time to connect to your body and “unplug” from the rest.”

“Jeannette combines her wisdom as a therapist with a holistic approach to the body, using techniques of yoga and breathwork. The women’s circle is a weekly moment of selfcare for me, which helps me to ground into myself and the present moment. I love the sharing with other women, because whether it’s struggles with our cycle or our family systems, it makes me feel connected knowing that I’m not the only one.”

“It’s so nice to participate in the women’s circle. Each meeting brought me something I didn’t know I needed; balance, calmness, tranquility or happiness. The yoga exercises and breathwork are like a flow and make you land in your body. Then all senses open up and there is room for reflection. How are you really doing inside. I felt so safe and supported by the insights and listening ear of Jeannette and the feedback and support of the women’s group. Really a gift.”

Practical info

  • LOCATION: online, via link from google meets
  • TIME: 20:00 – 20:45
  • PRICE: €25 per session or €80 for 4 sessions
  • Yoga mat and blanket advised
  • Wear comfortable clothing

You are worth the quiet moment. You are worth the deeper breaths and you are worth the time it takes to slow down, be still, and rest.

Morgan Harper Nichols