Corporate workshops for teams

At Counseling Amsterdam we offer tailored made workshops for corporations and teams/groups. Please contact us via email us at or schedule a call with Jeannette and Louis.

What to expect from our workshops?

  • Get a deeper understanding of how stress affects you and how to use it in your benefit
  • Gain a neuroscience perspective on the brain and body connection
  • Learn to manage stress and anxiety more effectively by practicing controlled stress exposure
  • Learn to master your breathing
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone for building self-confidence
  • Practice positive self-talk
  • Feel empowered physically and mentally in your every day life!

Feel empowered and bring new knowledge into your everyday life when exposed to stressful situations. You can go through it!

We start the workshop at the practice with a short introduction, theoretical part and group discussion...

( You can also find us on )

In the second part of the workshop we go outdoors for an active BrainBody experience