Tom van der Leij

Therapeutic photography sessions

I'm Tom van der Leij, an Amsterdam-based professional photographer. I've been photographing people, nature and animals in the Netherlands and around the world since the early 90's. Photography is a beautiful form of expression. It gets you out of your head and into your body, helping to awake your senses and to immerse in the elements around you – seeing, hearing, feeling, and then capturing those moments with a click of the's also fun and empowering.

I offer therapeutic photography sessions (in consultation with your therapist) where I guide you in using your own camera as you connect with your surroundings and/or capture the beauty of yourself and your partner. I also offer photoshoots for couples on a romantic weekend getaway, or just because!

For more info contact me or Jeannette

Tom Van der leij

+31 6 2653 4331
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