Hold me tight

Understand each others emotional needs, connect and love each other again..

Author: Dr. Sue Johnson

In my sessions with couples i find that often the key is ‘(re)Connecting’ with each other, feel safe to ask for help or to share what really moves you. This takes courage and trust. When people really can talk to each other and recognise their own walls that push away the partner or make the partner also defend themself, then only they can connect again. When finding that key, miracles can happen! This book gives examples of couples in conflict or struggles which made a lot of my clients feel like they are not weird or exeptional and gave them hope again!

Developed over 20 years ago and practiced all over the world, Emotionally Focused Therapy has been heralded by Time magazine and the New York Times as one of the only types of therapy to actually work. Couples who practice EFT see a 75% success rate (compared to 30% for other forms of relationship therapy). EFT focuses on the emotional connection of every relationship by de-escalating conflict, creating a safe emotional connection, and strengthening bonds between partners.

Now in paperback, HOLD ME TIGHT introduces readers to EFT and illustrates a program they can use in their own relationships. Part I introduces the view of love as an attachment bond and applies this view to relationship problems. Part II offers seven ‘conversations’ that focus on key moments. Readers can use these to understand their responses and relationships better. Included are exercises to help couples work through the process.

Also read more about this wonderfull book and healing aproach on Psychology today.

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