Mark Burdick

Psychological and placement services

Helping you navigate the maze of school and program confusion, through sensitive and ethical commitment to human integrity, for over 25 years.

We provide assessment & program placement for children, adolescents, and adults and also education and treatment.

Just ask Jeannette! Need an assessment to see how your needs compare to others your age, and why you act as you do?

A boarding school for your daughter or son with better academics or even therapeutic support; a wilderness treatment or summer program to get them away from all of the gadgets? A recovery program to help a spouse or a loved one who is an alcoholic or substance abuser?

Or how about a meditative experience in Bali for yourself, or a 3 week course in Italy to learn to cook pasta and speak Italian?

A world traveled psychologist consultant, Dr Burdick knows how to ‘fit’ clients into the right setting to flourish. With 30 years of experience, he provides assessment and placement services to motivate personal change! Right here on the Prinsengracht.

Visit Dr Burdick, and get one free session with Jeannette Bolck.


Office in The Netherlands: +31 20 894 3303
Office in the UK: +442032397630
Office in US: +1877-571-2524
TollFree: 877-571-2524

SKYPE: DrPsych

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