Resillience Retreat Portugal

Train your brain and body for more resillience & strength

Resilience Retreat

16 – 20 November 2023


Free yourself from fight or flight mode


Your body stores emotions, and your brain weaves a unique story. What’s yours?

Train and challenge your brain & body to develop greater resilience, and maximise performance in a healthy balanced way.

This retreat is a unique blend of outdoor adventures designed to release and train your brain-body resilience, combined with calming indoor sessions to regulate your nervous system. Join us at Resilience Retreat for a transformative 5-day experience.

Our expertise-driven program is designed to empower you with the tools and knowledge about yourself you need to enhance your mental health, boost your energy, and achieve success in 2024 and beyond.


Resilience Retreat: Your 5-Day Journey

        •       Safe Small Groups: Benefit from personalised care in a group of no more than 12 participants.
        •       Guided Outdoor Training: Join Louis to experience the profound connection between your brain and body, calming your mind    while enhancing physical strength.

        •       Indoor Sessions: Dive deep into the interaction of your brain, body, and emotions in enlightening indoor sessions with Jeannette discussing your personal assessment tests.
        •       Focus Techniques: Learn how to control your heart rate and maintain unwavering concentration.
        •       Balanced Nutrition: Nourish your brain and body with carefully curated, wholesome meals.
        •       Noble Silence Hours: Experience moments of profound quiet reflection at New Life Portugal.
        •       Practical Tools: Equip yourself with actionable strategies to take back to your daily life.
        •       Prevention of Overwhelm: We’ll also address ways to prevent feeling overwhelmed in a group setting and while absorbing new information.
        •       Aftercare Program: Ensure your mental health and energy levels continue to improve long after the retreat.


In this exceptional retreat, you will have the guidance of psychologist Jeannette Bolck, and physical therapist/of psychomotor expert, and former olympic coach Louis Wijdenbosch.

A blend of psychological and physical assessments will help you unlock the intricate relationship between your brain, body, and emotions. Jeannette merges cognitive behavioral therapy and schema therapy with brain-body therapies like polyvagal- and somatic therapy, and has many years of experience in individual and group therapy, specializing in trauma, mood disorders, and burnout .

Louis, a former top sporter and Olympic coach, offers a unique perspective on enhancing performance and stress awareness, enabling you to restore a sense of safety and connection within your own body and mind.

This integration equips participants with practical tools to optimize their mental health and personal growth.

Say "YES" to energy and resillience and say " NO" to depletion and mental health challenges!

Practical info

  • DATES: the retreat starts on the 16th of November at 14:00 and ends on the 20th at 11:30.
  • LOCATION: The retreat will be held at NewLife Portugal, a retreat center located in Gouveia, in the mountains of Serra da Estrela natural park, a certified UNESCO site in the center of Portugal. You’ll stay in the comfort and privacy of an ensuite room. Wellness facilities include a sauna, heated pool, gym, and lounge with library and fireplace. Optional wellness treatments also available.
  • FOOD & DRINKS: The retreat includes 3 nourishing and balanced meals per day, based on whole foods, lovingly prepared by New Life’s team of chefs. Please let us know if you have any allergy or special wishes.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: transfers from Porto airport are available at an extra price. Please refer your needs in booking form.

Retreat Schedule

Day 1

(November 16, 2023)

       Check in, by 5pm

       Orientation tour and retreat guidelines

       Introduction to the retreat and individual sessions (how are you?)

       Rest and noble silence until 8:30 am

Day 2

(November 17, 2023)

       Hold your breath exercise

       Psycho educational film & exploration

       Indoor / outdoor groups activity theme ‘push yourself’

       Recovery as a weapon

       Rest and noble silence until 8:30 am

Day 3

(November 18, 2023)


       BrainBody Health & Boxing

       Individual sessions assessment results

       Indoor / outdoor groups activity theme ‘push yourself’

       Evaluation & reflection of the day (individual/group)

       Rest and noble silence until 8:30 am

Day 4

(November 19, 2023)

       Cold water training

       Stress management

       Stress exposure challenge

       Group transition session

       Outdoor relaxing nature (individual) activity

       Stress selfcare session

       Rest and noble silence until 8:30 am

Day 5

(November 20, 2023)


       Group transition session

       Check out, by 12 noon

       New Life Portugal Shuttle departure (Available for booking)


Retreat Pricing

Course instruction, private ensuite accommodation at our beautiful Serra da Estrela retreat centre, 3 balanced meals per day, and access to our wellness facilities are included with the fee.


Arrival – Thursday, 16th of November (afternoon, before 5.00 pm)
Departure – Monday, 20th of November (12 noon)


Single Occupancy

Standard room – € 2,750
Premium room – € 2,870

– Included –
> Weekend retreat
> Private ensuite accommodation at our beautiful Serra da Estrela retreat center
> 3 balanced meals per day
> Access to our outdoor heated swimming pool & Sauna
> Access to our gym
> Late check-out and lunch

– Not included –
> Transport costs (New Life Portugal Group Shuttle available for booking for thursday and monday – Porto Airport)
> Extras services (Wellness menu)

"Fantastic team, the combined expertises of Jeannette and Louis result in a fresh approach to therapy and mental health. Their brain-body connection perspective is a great way to understand oneself, but also to release stress and stored emotions!"

"I had a remarkable journey with Louis - his genuine compassion and curiosity created a warm environment for me to share freely. Each session was an eye-opener, making me aware of my triggers and coping patterns. More than that, Louis introduced effective techniques that reshaped my mindset, helping me tackle upcoming challenges and embrace opportunities ahead. Highly recommended for anyone seeking transformative support!"

"Jeanette has been a wonderful sounding board and coach throughout difficult periods of my life for years. I've also had the pleasure to work with Louis whose approach gave me new insights into how my body handles stress. I wholeheartedly recommend their combined approach for anyone looking to change the way they see themselves(...)"

This retreat is organised in partnership with New Life Portugal.