Koan Float

Weightless relaxing!

Floating is buoyantly relaxing

in a supine position atop a pool of salt water which is continuously warmed to a temperature of 35 degree C. When floating you will find yourself in a cabin which has been especially designed to eliminate all outside distractions such as sound, visual stimulation, changes in temperature and gravitational pressures.


Escape the hectic pace of the modern world at Koan Float. Unwind and take a few minutes to focus your inner eye. Imagine yourself floating weightlessly in warm water. While feeling the effects of weightlessness you drift into another dimension. You enter a state of deep relaxation, inhaling tranquility and warmth while exhaling stress and worries. The boundaries between mind and body merge.


Scientific research have proofed that the sensory restriction during floating and the muscle relaxation that results from floating in salt-water are important mechanisms  that allows one to release stress and reduce levels of arousal. It is therefore likely that by reducing the heart rate and muscle tension, floating will make people feel better. Floating has significant positive effects on well-being.


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