Marion van der Deure

Mindfulness and systemic work

Marion van der Deure helps individuals who got captured in questions of life they seek to be answered. Marion controls the art to having people to move back to their essence. Resulting in the essential balance and peace of mind, both basis for strength.
Marion knows to combine her natural abilities with disciplines such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Systemic Constellations and Mindfulness. She is certified on these topics by leading institutes. Often these methods are combined, but, uniquely, not any combination is ever foreseen.
Individuals as well as enterprises (in smaller groups) make use of Marions services. And, when in common therapies there are obstructions expressing themselves, one or two sessions with Marion help to pass by the obstruction so that the therapist can continue.
Marion also writes and gives courses in this field.


06 4353 5815